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Tattooed geeks from around the globe!

Little Sister, Harry Potter spell, Full Metal Alchemist and musical ink

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Little Sister, Harry Potter spell, Full Metal Alchemist and musical ink

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matt piano

while preparing to post my newest geek ink, i realized that i never posted my previous pieces in this community!

in order from oldest to newest:

the "expecto patronum" spell from Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, with the cover of Matthew Good Band's "Beautiful Midnight" inside the star.

Ed and Al's transmutation circles from Full Metal Alchemist.

"best friends means friends forever" from Brand New's "Seventy Times Seven", written in Latin.

"sing like you think no one's listening" from the song "Existentialism On Prom Night" by Straylight Run, written in John Nolan's handwriting.

these previous 4 were all done by Nate at Big Brain in Omaha, NE.

my Little Sister from Bioshock! my now ex-boyfriend actually got the Big Daddy on the back of his leg to match my Little Sister, but we won't talk about that now :P

and my newest piece...

the opening bass line of the song "Hysteria" by Muse. just done last Tuesday and still peeling and itching like crazy. it's the first 4 measures of the song, and it wraps around my arm.

these last two were done by the AMAZING Josh Sutton at Earthborne Tattoo in Evansville, IN.

next geeky pieces that Josh is already drawing up for me include a half sleeve based on Stephen King's Dark Tower series and Wolverine claws slashing through the back of my other calf.


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