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Geeky Muse Tattoo #2

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Geeky Muse Tattoo #2

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matt piano
just added to my geeky ink collection with tattoo #13 about a week ago!

to commemorate the week-long roadtrip that my friend from Calgary and i were taking following the boys from Muse on tour, i decided to make a stop in Evansville, IN to visit my good buddy Josh Sutton for some fresh ink.

so i now have the opening bassline of Muse's "Hysteria" around my right arm (which is now almost a year old piece) and the piano melody from "Starlight" around my left arm. because i wanted them to wrap the same way around my arms, yes the new one appears upside-down. Hysteria looks upside-down to me :P

i believe there will be more Muse related ink before i fly over to England in September for their gigs at Wembley Stadium :D

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